Thinking with Donna Haraway -- the adventures begin!

All of Donna Haraway's work takes us on travels to the unfamiliar. We students, colleagues and enthusiasts have each and all found our various ways to travel to the unfamiliar with Donna Haraway. In this web-book we share our journeys to and with her, modeling how to do this and offering examples of why these travels matter.

Table of Contents: 

• K. King's Pastpresents: Playing cat's cradle with Donna Haraway
• R. Eglash's Oppositional Technophilia 
• M. Strathern's Primate Visionary 
• A. Tsing's Unruly Edges: Mushrooms as companion species
• E. Hayward's Ciliated Sense
• L. Randolph's Modest Witnesses: A Painter’s Collaboration with Donna Haraway
• S. Helmreich's How Like a Reef 

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